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Name :   Pat OD
Date :   2/4/05
Comments :   Just remembering your so very special little Lady and thinking of you both.
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Name :   Sharkbait Foundation Inc.
Date :   15-01-05
Comments :   Sharkbait Foundation, Inc. established after water accidents to help children. We send our deepest condolences to the Ghori family. We will donate the first lifeguard chair on the Vilano/North Beach area for water safety. Sailors Remembrance Day will rais
Contd :   We are asking for August 15 annually to be a calendar date to honor all those who have gone before us. copyright 8-12-2000
Name :   Sailors Remembrance Day
Date :   15-01-05
Comments :   Sharkbait Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to raising water and boating safety skills and education. I am dedicated to teaching underpriviledge and disabled children water skills. My heart goes out to the Ghori family. My own story is that I was the 41st per
Contd :   We are asking for August 15 annually to be a calendar date to honor all those who have gone before us. copyright 8-12-2000
Name :   Daddy
Date :   December 30, 2004
Comments :   Hello My Love, Im missing you so very much. I love you for always.
Contd :   Daddy
Name :   Mommy
Date :   12/27/2004
Comments :   My jaano baby, I miss you so much. I hope you like the flowers and wreath. I feel you very close to me right now. I know you are walking along with me guiding me.
Contd :   I love you my baby and cant wait to be with you again. Love Mommy
Name :   Kellsi & Cece
Date :   12-27-04
Comments :   Tonight we are having a sleepover and we no that you are here with us!We love u sooo much!Merry christmas! and we wish u the happyiest new year!
Contd :   we missing u!
Name :   Kristi - kellsis sister
Date :   12/24/04
Comments :   Hey Aziza.. i just wanted to say merry christmas and that we are all thinking of you.. i really miss seeing you over at our house.. we all think about you all the time.. kellsi especially misses you.. we all love you so much. love,kristi
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Name :   Heather ,Kates mom
Date :   Dec20
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Name :   Aunty Sabena
Date :   19 Dec 2004
Comments :   Dear Aziza, We always remember you in our prayers. You were a very special gift of Almighty Allah who touched the hearts of everyone you knew.
Contd :   We miss you!
Name :   Daddy
Date :   December 16, 2004
Comments :   Hello My Love - Today was very hard without you. My Bday always meant more to you than to me so not having you here to share it with me was especially difficult.
Contd :   I love you very much !
Name :   Anne
Date :   12/12/04
Comments :   Happy Birthday Aziza! Im sorry I am a few days late. I have been thinking of you lately!!!!
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Name :   Mimi
Date :   12-10-04
Comments :   Hey zz, I would have worte you last night but i just couldent! But i do love You, very much!!
Contd :   I Love You
Name :   Lorraine
Date :   Dec 9
Comments :   Your always in my heart sweetheart. We all still miss you very much XXXXXX
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Date :   
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Contd :   that somehow you are brought into our thoughts. Love-Mimi & Mrs. P
Name :   Mrs. Perry and Cece
Date :   Dec. 9th, 2004
Comments :   Aziza-Cecelia is missing you so much, especially today. She lit her purple candles for your birthday. She is finally asleep from crying. It hurts so much to see your young faces together in pictures. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Not a day goes by that someh
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Name :   Uncle Hirath
Date :   12/7/04
Comments :   Dearest Aziza, today is your 12th birthday and Ive been thinking of you all day. You are in my heart and my thoughts and prayers everyday. With all my love. Uncle Hirath
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Name :   Arnie
Date :   9Dec04
Comments :   Aziza--I spoke to your Dad today (as I do almost every day) and he is doing all he can to help educate people on the cause of the terrible tragidy that took your body from us. We know that you are still with us in spirit and cant wait to see you afterward
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Name :   Uncle Mansoor, Aunt Janet and Bella
Date :   12/9/04
Comments :   Happy Birthday Aziza! We are all missing you here greatly...even your cousin Bella (who you passed on your way to Heaven), who points to your picture and says your name. We Love You!!! Uncle Mansoor, Aunt Janet, and Bella
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Name :   Elke
Date :   12/9/4004
Comments :   Happy Birthday Aziza!! I wish I could hug and kiss you. Always think of you.
Contd :   Love you
Name :   Daddy
Date :   December 9, 2004
Comments :   Happy Birthday, My Love. you are missed by everyone...especially me.
Contd :   I Love You !
Name :   Kiki
Date :   12-9-04
Comments :   Hey aziza,,Happy birthday 2 u! Happy birthday dear aziza.Happy birthday 2 u! love u!
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Name :   Nicole and Tammy
Date :   12-8-04
Comments :   Hi Aziza: Happy Birthday from us and to let you know you are not far from our thoughts. Love to you always.
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Name :   Mimi -cece
Date :   12-8-04
Comments :   Hey zz, Happy early Birthday!! I love you!!
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Name :   Kellsi
Date :   December 6
Comments :   Hey zz it just me it is almost ur b-day 3 more days u r gonna be 12!
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Name :   Kellsi
Date :   December 6
Comments :   
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Name :   Daddy
Date :   November 23, 2004
Comments :   Hi My Love, I missing you more than ever today ! Please let me know youre OK.
Contd :   I love you....always !
Name :   Mommy
Date :   Nov. 14, 2004
Comments :   Today is Eid my batcha - I love you so much - I miss you so much. My Eid wish for you is that you are happy and playing in heaven - I will be there soon - life on earth
Contd :   is just finite - my eternity will be spent with you my baby. I love you soo sooo much Aziza Love Mommy
Name :   Mommy
Date :   Oct. 31, 2004
Comments :   My precious Jaan baba. Today I really really miss you. I see everything around me and know its not right. I really need you - thank you for visiting me the other day.
Contd :   You have my heart with you. Keep it - its yours my batcha. Love Mommy
Name :   Kiki
Date :   oct 27
Comments :   Hey aziza Happy Halloween!!!love ya 4ever -Kellsi
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Name :   Kates Mom
Date :   October26
Comments :   Aziza Just remembering what a great friendship you and Kate had and how lucky you were to have each other.Few friendships are so strong.
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Name :   Cece-Mimi
Date :   10-22-04
Comments :   Hey zz, I miss u more than ever today. I need u here. I love u.
Contd :   missing you
Name :   kellsi
Date :   10-23-04
Comments :   Hey zz it just me i am gonna c u in the news paper so g2g bye lulas
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Name :   Daddy,
Date :   October 8, 2004
Comments :   Hi My Love - Im missing you a lot today. Nothings the same without you around to hold and hug. You are the love of my live.
Contd :   I love you !
Name :   Imran Hafizullah
Date :   09/17/2004
Comments :   We will remember you for ever
Contd :   
Name :   Daddy
Date :   September 2, 2004
Comments :   Hi My Beautiful Aziza - I miss you so very much. Its just not right without you !
Contd :   I love you...always.
Name :   Pat ODonnell
Date :   8/23/2004
Comments :   Hi just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers today. Pat
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Name :   Mommy
Date :   8/18/2004
Comments :   My sweet sweet baby jaan. I love you soooooooooooo much. I think you are trying to look after me - I need some more signs from you to tell me what to do.
Contd :   You know what Im talking about because you are in me. Guide me my baby. I love you. Mommy
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