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Nicole the 11-year old daughter of Tammy Engel, who works in the Treasury Group in CMS Energy, Aziza's Daddy's (former) employer.  Tammy and Aziza's Dad worked together for several years during which time, Aziza and Tammy became very close.  Whenever Aziza came to the office to be with her busy father, she'd either go to Tammy's desk or to Diane Loring's desk (another ex-Treasury staff member) to entertain these two and keep herself entertained.  On some occasions, Nicole would also be there and met Aziza but this didn't occur  with any regularity.  Their's was one of these magical acquanitances that only children seem capable of having and nurturing.  Other than the few times they met, most of the information about each other's lives was received and shared through each other's respective parents.  But...that was enough to keep them interested in each other and how each other's life was progressing.

Upon hearing about Aziza's untimely passing away, Nicole, immediately and completely on her own initiative, undertook an effort towards making the memory of her friend Aziza an everlasting one.  She approached the Principal of Sacred Heart School in Dearborn with the idea of having  "Casual Pay Day" whereby any student could wear casual clothes, instead of the normal school uniform, in exchange for a $1 contribution to the Aziza Ghori Foundation.

After several weeks of planning and with important contributions from Tammy (who wrote a note about Aziza that was circulated around the school) & some of Nicole's teachers (none of whom had previously met Aziza), Nicole & Aziza's big day arrived....and it was a smashing success !!.  Nicole's '$1 Casual Pay Day in Memory of Aziza' raised $428 !!!!!

Thank you Nicole.  We love you and are very touched by your gesture of love for Aziza.  We're certain that Aziza loves you very much too and is proud to call you her friend.                 ____________________        
Here is a story about a special little girl named Nicole Engel
Email excerpt from a friend of Aziza
Amjad - This is Andy Isaacson from the Fairlane Club.I just wanted to say Thank you.  Aziza brought a lot of joy and happiness to my life, and a day doesn't go by that I don't think of her.  I feel deeply for your loss.  As you may or may not know, I lost my mother as a young boy, and I know how hard the loss of a loved one can be.  I was writing to let you know that if you ever need anything, and I mean anything, do not hesitate to write or call. Anything from someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or someone to walk your dog while you're away on business.  It's the least I could do to repay you and your family for all the joy that was brought into my life by your beautiful girl.  She is sorely missed by many of us at the Club, and especially by myself.  Again, thank you and always remember she is with all of us, especially her Daddy, in our hearts.