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Name :   well wisher
Date :   06-25-08
Comments :   Dear Aziza A loss such as yours for any parent is unfathomable . May Allah give your mother and father the strength to endure this loss When Allah takes you, he also gives strength to endure the pain……we simply have to believe in Him I want to share th
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Name :   Cece
Date :   June 25 2008
Comments :   hey aziza. well its official...Junior year is here! I am missing you even more lately.
Contd :   i love you
Name :   Cece
Date :   June 25 2008
Comments :   hey aziza. well its official...Junior year is here! I am missing you even more lately.
Contd :   i love you
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   Fatthers Day 08
Comments :   Hi My Love - Was really missing you in person on another Fathers Day...without you. However, I know you were with me in spirit.
Contd :   I Love You...always!
Name :   Mommy
Date :   6/15/2008
Comments :   I love you my darling baby and miss you a ton. I know you are with your dad today - take care of him.
Contd :   Love you with all my heart Mommy
Name :   Dolly
Date :   April 30
Comments :   Aziza, you have been in my thoughts all day...very often I look at Miyah Aziza (in memory of you) I think of you. Miyah has this smile just like yours...its beauttiful. Its clear, you are with us. I love you.
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Name :   Dr.Aziza Yasmeen
Date :   9-4-08
Comments :   Well im Dr.Aziza Yasmeen - an ophthalmologist Practising in Hyderabad , India . I sincerely Pray that all efforts and Dreams come true. U all are working for such a noble cause.!!
Contd :   May Allah bless you all with all Happiness ......Ameen ...
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   Valentines Day - 2008
Comments :   Hi My Beautiful Aziza - Sending you all my love today and everyday. Miss You so very much.
Contd :   I Love You...Always !!!
Name :   Bev Sutherland
Date :   2/7/08
Comments :   Aziza, How often my memory of you appears in my thoughts...I went to a wonderful presentation of World Vision, Women in Vision this week and am hoping your Dad will contact them and tell them all about the orphanage in Cambodia. I was so moved by all the
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Name :   mrs. perry
Date :   1-17-08
Comments :   Hi Aziza-its Ceces mom. Cecelia misses you like crazy. She is in the 10th grade now. I know you are right there with her. I want to go back to the end of the hall at Haigh and give you both a big squeeze!
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Name :   Gene Gomes
Date :   December 28, 2007
Comments :   Aziza: You will always be remembered and your memory treasured in the hearts of all those you have touched. with much love Gene
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Name :   just an old friend (again)
Date :   december 9th 2007
Comments :   so after I wrote that last e-mail I kept thinking about you and I remembered some of the good times we had. it made me happy. I loveeeee you girl!!
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Name :   Bella
Date :   12/9/07
Comments :   Aziza - my Mama is typing this for me but Im singing happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aziza, happy birthday to you! I hope you can hear me.
Contd :   Love, Bella p.s. Im turning 5 in January
Name :   Aunt Janet & Uncle Mansoor
Date :   12/9/2007
Comments :   Happy Birthday Aziza! Weve been thinking of you today. Hope youre doing whatever you want for your birthday.
Contd :   Love, Aunt Janet & Uncle Mansoor
Name :   Kiki
Date :   12-9-07
Comments :   Hey zee-zee wow i cant belive its ur 15th birthdayy. it always seemed that you are older then me you act like you are lol. if u were still here with me and cece. we would all be partying it up tonight becuz its ur 15th birthdayy. i no your dad would prob
Contd :   iloveyou
Name :   just an old friend
Date :   december 9th 2007
Comments :   happy birthday aziza. I miss you and love you. I wont stop thinking about you this month. just do well up in heaven okay?? happy 15th birthday.
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Name :   Daddy
Date :   December 9, 2007
Comments :   Happy 15th Birthday My Love. It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating your 10th Bday with you and all your friends. Wish you were here to celebrate this one as well.
Contd :   I Love You..Always !!
Name :   Kiki
Date :   11/30/06
Comments :   Hey zee-zee whats up? nothing heer just in myy 1st hr writeing you a little not. Sorry i havent wrote in a while i have been busy with school and stuff like that. me and cece are going to boston for our choir trip this april i wish u would be there with u
Contd :   imissyouu
Name :   Andy
Date :   10-17-07
Comments :   Hey Kiddo, Its been a long tiimesince I have written t you on here. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and your dad. Keep smiling down on us!!
Contd :   Your Favorite Camp Counselor --Andy
Name :   Bella
Date :   October 12, 2007
Comments :   Dear Aziza, I didnt get to meet you in person because you left for heaven just before I was born. My Mama & Daddy showed me pictures of you and I wish you were here to play with me now.
Contd :   Love, Your cousin Bella
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   September 20, 2007
Comments :   Hi My Aziza - Sorry I havent written here in so long but you are always on my mind. I Miss You so much !!
Contd :   I Love You !!
Name :   lorraine &paige
Date :   08/24/07
Comments :   Hi Z, We still love and miss you honey and remember what a special part of our family you were.
Contd :   
Name :   Cara
Date :   6/30-07
Comments :   Hey I miss you so much!! We all miss you and I will never forget you!
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Name :   Laura
Date :   6/26/07
Comments :   Hi Aziza, I just recently met your Mom and learned about you. Youd be so proud of your beautiful Mommy, she is hanging in there and while I know when you left you took a huge piece of her, she is living and trying and still has a huge piece of you within
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Name :   Daddy,
Date :   Fatthers Day 07
Comments :   Hi My Love - Really missing you today. You made today so special for me.
Contd :   I love you - always !
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   June 11, 2007
Comments :   Hi Beautiful - Miss you more than ever. Hope youre happy with all the things were doing to help children the world over; just as you would have done.
Contd :   I love you !
Name :   Kate
Date :   Apr.19/07
Comments :   Hi Z, miss you so much! Wish you were here with me. Love Kate
Contd :   
Name :   CeCe
Date :   4-2-07
Comments :   Hey ZeeZee well not much is new just alot of drama... I wish you were here to help me solve it all cuz you always had a way to fix everything and if everything you tryed didnt work, your smile sure did! :) I need you more now than ever!
Contd :   I love you and always will
Name :   Kiki
Date :   3-26-07
Comments :   Hey zee-zee! omg i miss you soo much well im in school in my 4th hour carrer exploration i dont no what to do i miss you so much your dad wont call me my family is being a brat to me lately they took my cell away please tell my mommy that im sorry and jus
Contd :   Never let the fear of strikeing you out keep you from playing the game !
Name :   Tammy Engel
Date :   2-20-07
Comments :   Hello Aziza: It has been awhile. Not a day goes by that I still dont think of you and seeing you come by my desk with a big grin and hug. How time flies. You still have that special place in my heart. Miss you bunches.
Contd :   
Name :   Beverley
Date :   20th of February 2007
Comments :   Hi pal, Im always telling so many people about you and how much I miss you. Boatloads of love and hugs, Beverley
Contd :   I hope Kitty the dog is hanging with and giving you all the love and sunshine you gave her.
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   February 14, 2007
Comments :   Hi My Beautiful Aziza - Happy Valentines Day sweetheart. I miss you more than ever. Will be thinking of you today and everyday....
Contd :   I Love You !
Name :   Lorraine
Date :   02/08/07
Comments :   Hi Honey, I just wanted to send you a hug in heaven. We still love you and miss you.xxxx
Contd :   
Name :   Mommy
Date :   1-19-2007
Comments :   My Darling Aziza, whenever I feel that lifes just getting too tough, I am reminded of the lessons you taught me.
Contd :   Its just really hard to open your heart when its in so many pieces. I love you my child - You will always be my life. Love Mommy
Name :   Cece
Date :   1-16-07
Comments :   well aziza i finally got the nerve to write you, I would have on the 27th but i just couldnt! But I want you to know even though 4 looong years have gone by I sill love you just as much and if not even more!
Contd :   I will love you for ever and ever!!!
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   January 10, 2007
Comments :   Hi My Beautiful Aziza - I couldnt bare to write you on Dec 27th; just didnt want to acknowledge that it had been four years since you left us. Miss you more than ever.
Contd :   I Love You....Always.
Name :   Kellsi(kiki)
Date :   12-27-06
Comments :   hey aziza...i cant belive its been 4 years sence u left us wow i cant belive that me and cece are still going out with out you. High school is so borning me and cece only has 1 class toghter then i dont see her again till school gets out.. i wish you were
Contd :   so i wont give up i wont break down i will be strong even if it all goes wrong i am standing dark i still belive SOMEONE IS WATCHING OVER MEE!!!!
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   December 9, 2006
Comments :   Hi My Love - I miss you so very much. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating your 10th Bday; not four long years ago.
Contd :   I love you - Always.....
Name :   Mommy
Date :   Dec 9, 2006
Comments :   My sweet baby Aziza - I miss holding and kissing you - you are my life - I know you are by my side with each step I take. My light, my angel, my heart -
Contd :   be at peace - be smiling where ever your spirit is. I placed purple flowers where we rested your body - but you already know that. I love you my zabu baby. Mommy
Name :   cece
Date :   
Comments :   oh by the way I wrote today cuz i will be gone on your birthday! iloveyou
Contd :   
Name :   Cece
Date :   12/06/06
Comments :   Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Aziza, Happy Birthday to you! I got your Purple candle ready! iloveyou!!! *cece/mimi*
Contd :   I love you all the way to the bottem of my heart!
Name :   Irshad Ghori
Date :   30-11-2006
Comments :   You are definately resting in jannat.I pray to allah to for your peace and for highest status in jannat.Have you seen Nurul Huda,There?
Contd :   
Name :   Cece
Date :   11-27-06
Comments :   Hey Aziza Well its almost your birthday and like every year Kellsi and I will get togeather for it! We know that you will be there with us like always! Iloveyou! And dont worrie I wont forget to light your PURPLE candles!
Contd :   Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure for ever and ever.....
Name :   Kiki
Date :   11-18-06
Comments :   Hey zeze how are you? nothing here high school is kinnda boring with out you! TEll ur dad to call me or cece so we can meet up with him love you and miss youu tooo byee -kiki
Contd :   so i wont give up i wont break down i will be strong even if it all goes wrong i am standing dark i still belive SOMEONE IS WATCHING OVER MEE!!!!
Name :   Marya Thiele
Date :   October 30, 2006
Comments :   It seems as though it was just yesterday that Aziza and I were creating pumpkin pie soup on Thanksgiving at my grandma Susans house. She was a dear friend whom I miss greatly. As the years have passed, there is not a day I dont think of her great kindness
Contd :   
Name :   Cece
Date :   10-11-06
Comments :   hey Zee-Zee, well ive been thinking about you alot lately. High schools good kinda boring at points but fun. Well I love you! LULAS! love Mimi
Contd :   
Name :   Mommy
Date :   8-16-2006
Comments :   Hi my beautiful baby - as I go through this thing called life, know that you are with me in my soul travelling together.
Contd :   I love you so very very much my child. Thank you for visiting me often. Love Mommy
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