Name :   Mascha 
Date :   18.02.2003 
Comments :   Im at my work and look at this homepage!I just want to say,that we never forget her! She was(the same as I)Janas little sister!Im very sad,that I met her only a short time! 
Name :   Tammy 
Date :   2-17-03 
Comments :   Aziza - Not a day goes by that I dont think about you. I keep waiting to see you pop in front of my cube with that beautiful smile of yours. Nicole and I both miss you very much. She got permission from her school to have a paid casual day and she is givi 
Name :   Raj & Oly 
Date :   Feb 16/03 
Comments :   Aziza will definitely be the princess of all the Gods in heaven. May her soul rest in peace. 
Name :   Kellsi (Kiki 
Date :   feb 16 2003 
Name :   Mommy 
Date :   2/14/03 
Comments :   I know you were here today. I felt your presence all day. Happy Valentines Day my precious baby. I love you Zabu. Love Mommy.

Name :   Daddy 
Date :   2/14/03 
Comments :   Happy Valentines Day, Aziza !! You are the LOVE of my life !! 
Name :   John Cumpston 
Date :   13-feb-03 
Comments :   No doubt Aziza would approve...Gods Peace be with her, and with her family and friends. 
Name :   Mansoor and Janet 
Date :   2/13/03 
Comments :   Passionate and loving beyond your years...we will miss you deeply, Aziza. We love you. 
Name :   Raman & Meenakshi Grewal 
Date :   February 12, 2003 
Comments :   Aziza, you are a ray of sunshine that touched everyone you met. You will never be forgotten. 
Name :   Lisa Phelps 
Date :   2-12-03 
Comments :   I did not know Aziza in her physical life, though am blessed by getting to know her through her beloved cat Magnum, and family. Im not the only one looking after Magnum, Aziza is there. Bless your beautiful spirit.

Name :   Hirath 
Date :   2/11/03 
Comments :   You will always be in our hearts. Siraaj and Shaheen have you in their thoughts everytime they go to sleep with your kittycat & bear. 
Name :   Steve Shay 
Date :   2-12-03 
Comments :   A beautiful girl from a beautiful family! You are all in my thoghts and prayers. Azizas death has had a profound effect on me and I am still searchiing for why...I am no closer to the answer then the day I heard she was taken from everyone. 
Name :   Mark Arnold (Arnie) 
Date :   11 Feb 2003 
Comments :   Aziza spent a weekend each summer with us in Massachusetts and our kids Sam (10 yrs) and Amy (8 yrs) adored her, as we all did. She was a very special young lady who will always be part of the Arnold household. Amy, is selective mute (she doesnt speak 
Name :   Dolly 
Date :   Meghji 
Comments :   At such a young age, you have touched a lot of hearts - we will miss you, love you always 
Name :   Daddy 
Date :   2/10/03 
Comments :   Hi My Little Boo - I know youre watching !! I love you...Daddy