We would like to sincerely thank the Teachers and Volunteers at Aziza's school in Windsor for all the support and love we have received.

Aziza attend Eastwood from Jr. Kindergarden through Grade 2.

A very special thanks to Lorraine and Roger Godin - they were like her second set of parents.

Aziza and Fauzia lived next door to the Godin's. Their 2 gorgeous children Ashley and Paige were like sisters to Aziza.

The Parent Council at Eastwood Public School in Windsor Ontario has been busy planning to implement the following.
Purchasing books for the school library - stickers will be placed in these books in memory of Aziza

Aziza Ghori Tree
A tree will be planted in the playground at Eastwood School.
  A memorial marker will be placed with the tree so that Aziza's memory will remain perpetually in the schoolyard.

Thank you again to everyone at Eastwood Elementary School, Windsor, Ontario, Canada